10 of the worst construction fails ever made. The person who built them had no idea what he was doing!

We’re all human, therefore we all make mistakes, even when it comes to constructions when it’s very probable that things don’t always go according to plan. The collection includes stairs that lead to nowhere and windows that open into a wall. Most of those pictures will probably leave you baffled and wondering what on earth was going through the architect’s mind:


1. Safety comes first for most people, but not for the ones who set up this security camera. The wall is probably the safest area in that building since it’s the only one being supervised 24/7.


2. That moment when all you want is a quiet and peaceful ride on a train and then you see this picture and you start making up scary scenarios in your mind about the possibility of you being on that train that would pass through here. What were the people who built this here thinking? No one will ever know or understand the reason why.


3. After going up those stairs you’re probably very dizzy. What makes things even worse is the fact that you got tired for nothing because those stairs don’t lead to an actual place. Frustrating, isn’t it?


4. The award for Most useless door ever goes to the hall in the picture below. Even when you try thinking of all possible explanations you can’t find one. Why would you build a door on your wall, just to make it look pretty? Seriously now.

5. There are certain people who would rather stay inside then go out and take a walk in the park. This special window was made for you. You can’t see anything but the wall if you want to take a look outside.

6. Even if you’re not a friendly person and you don’t like your neighbors, if you live in this block of flats you have no choice but to make conversation with them. This way of life would turn even the grumpier person into a sociable one.

7. Enjoy the view and be careful how and where you sit. The view is lovely, but the real problem has nothing to do with that. As long as you watch your step, you’ll be fine. Or at least, so it seems.


8. Bikers, beware! Don’t always trust signs that allow you to ride your bike in a certain place. Some people are really mean and so they come up with such evil jokes. Always make sure to stay safe when you’re riding your bike and avoid poles in the middle of the road.

9. If you go upstairs you will discover that you arrived to the end of your destination because these particular stairs lead up to the wall. Funny way to end a journey! Never trust harmless stairs like these again!

10. If you’re the kind of person who loves privacy then you should definitely avoid going to a public toilet like this one. It would be a little too cramped for you and you’d probably end up being involved in an embarrassing situation that would make you have public toilets for life.