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5 nail trends for spring-summer 2017


5 nail trends for spring-summer 2017

As we welcome spring, all the fashion and beauty trends will have something new to follow. While everyone is planning to replenish their spring/summer wardrobe, it is time to update your manicure as well. This time of the year, both soft as well as vibrant nail colours will be marking their way. Here are some of the new trends to try this season.

Pop colours, graphic designs, metallic effects, glitter—this season, have some fun with your nails. Here’s a look at five hot trends for spring!


This season, the torch is being passed from monochrome to shaded nails. And you don’t have to be an expert beautista (or nailista!) to pull off this look. All you need is a foundation sponge and two metallic polishes in different shades.

Prepare your nails by applying a base coat, giving them a few minutes to dry.
Apply one of the metallic lacquers to your entire nail, as you would normally do.
Dip the foundation sponge in water to dampen it.
Using the applicator brush from the second shimmering shade, draw a light line at the edge of the sponge.
Making light tapping motions, pass the sponge over your nail from left to right. Concentrate on the tip of the nail, where the colour should be more intense.
Repeat the process on each finger.
For shiny, long-lasting results, finish with a top coat.


This spring, black is back and edgier than ever. As seen at the Vera Wang fashion show, this eternal classic is applied on a neutral base with light strokes. The possibilities are endless! After applying your nude polish, grab a black lacquer and let your imagination run wild!

Paint the tips of your nails only, like a French manicure.
Make a vertical or horizontal line in the centre of the nail.
Draw different shapes (dots, S, triangles, etc.) on each nail with the applicator brush or a nail art pen for more precision.


These funky nails totally remind us of the 80s. Blue and red, yellow and orange, pink and purple—every combination is possible with this nail style. The only rule is they have to be colourful! Long live the summer!

Apply your base coat, then paint a neon colour on your nails and allow to fully dry.
Next, draw a big dot with a nail art pen, then simply add a touch of top coat to set it, and you’re good to go!


This summer, it’s hip to be square! Get inspired by manicures from Christian Louboutin to liven up your nails with two small quadrangles in complementary colours.

After applying your base colour—preferably in a nude shade—cut some pieces of tape and place them strategically on your fingers, covering everything but two little square shapes on your nails.
Next, fill in the squares—one with a light polish, and the other with a darker polish. You’re going to love how they look!


Glitter took the beauty world by storm in 2016. This year, the trend continues… on your cuticles. Oh yes! This creation, at once simple and chic, produces a subtle sparkle effect on your nails. Hello glamour! Ultra-easy to do, this design is perfect for those who are somewhat less than precise when applying their polish.

Apply a clear lacquer to your nails, followed by a glitter nail polish all around them. That’s it!

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