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This Is the Manicure You Should Get, Based on Your Astrological Sign


This Is the Manicure You Should Get, Based on Your Astrological Sign

Are you a big follower of astrology? Do you religiously read your horoscope every morning, or are you a more casual fan? Either way, it might just be key in finding the perfect nail art to fit your personality. After all, there are certain traits that go along with each sign, which makes it fun to customize your look based off of your sign’s preferences. Leos are famously bold, Scorpios are known to be sexy and Virgos like to keep things simple — you get the picture; it all translates quite nicely into nail art.

So, no matter what your sign is, it’s your lucky day. We’ve curated three looks to suit every astrology sign’s sensibilities, and the results are pretty darn on-point, if we do say so ourselves. Still though, even if we forecasted your nail art horoscope incorrectly, it’s still likely you’ll find love in this slideshow, since there’s really a look for everyone.


Characteristics: Aries are known for their bold leadership skills (though on a bad day that might translate to stubborn pushiness), as well as their charisma. You’re a risk-taker, and you never shy away from a challenge — that, combined with your trademark confidence and energy, makes you a lot of fun to have around.

Your Nail Art Horoscope: Something bold and daring is the perfect match for your inner daredevil.


Gold Stars
This bold nail art and even bolder color scheme is perfect for Aries gals.

Red Hearts
The striking silver background makes these hearts even more attention-grabbing.


Characteristics: Like a true bull, you can be stubborn at times — but you also have a steadfast dependability, both in relationships and the workplace. Tauruses tend to have a romantic side, as well as amazing taste when it comes to material luxuries and all things aesthetic.

Your Nail Art Horoscope: With the combination of your patience and good taste, intricately detailed and delicate nail art might just be your best option.


Pink and Purple Marbled Nails
Gorgeous, subtle, and sophisticated.


Tiny Arrows
This look appeals to your modern sensibilities, with its unique arrow motif.


Characteristics: As a Gemini, you’re quite quick-witted — good with things like brainstorming and speedy retorts. You’re great in social situations as you tend to be very charming — though the twin aspect of your sign means you can be two-faced at times, and you’re no stranger to mood swings. Nevertheless, you’re very intelligent, and artistically inclined, to boot.

Your Nail Art Horoscope: You’re probably tired of hearing about your double-sided personality … but nail art with multiple personalities is just plain fun. These designs should also appeal to your trendy tastes.


Pink and Blue Pop Art
For those days when you really can’t quite decide who you are.

Red and Blue Amoebas
If you’re really feeling kooky, mismatched amoebas are the way to go.


Characteristics: Like the crab and its trademark protective shell, Cancers can be sensitive and guarded. You’re most likely a homebody who loves all things comfortable, and you’re known for your compassion and your nurturing side — you tend to form close relationships, and family is important to you. Creativity is another of your strengths.

Your Nail Art Horoscope:Play up your quirky, artsy side by getting a little bit funky (yet still cute, of course!) with your nail art.


Maneki Nekos
It doesn’t get much cuter than this.

Commes de Garcon Hearts
This is a fun nod to the popular French brand, Commes de Garcon — but even if you’ve never seen their designs, this nail art is quite fun.


Characteristics: Ambitious and self-confident, Leos are known for their flamboyant boldness. You know how to get things done, though sometimes it means you can get a little arrogant at times. On the flip side of that, though, you’re a charming extrovert, and you often find yourself the life of the party. You also happen to have a great flair for the dramatic.

Your Nail Art Horoscope: To go with your self-confident vibe, you’re going to want designs with ultra-saturated colors (and lots of them).


Rainbow Plaid
It takes a lot of chutzpah to rock rainbow plaid, and you’ve got it.

Candy Colored Stripes
Bold and also the very image of chic.


Characteristics: As a Virgo, you’re a hardworking perfectionist — which means you can be a little too hard on yourself at times — though most of the time, it just means you do superb work. Careful and organized, you’re blessed with great attention to detail, and many Virgos are also verbally gifted, which means you’re often great communicators.

Your Nail Art Horoscope: Go with something soft-focus to go with your innocent side, with pristine details to satisfy your inner perfectionist.


Opalescent White
About as angelic as nail art can possibly get.

Glitter stripe pastel
The glitter stripe is a stroke of genius.



Characteristics: Infamously indecisive, Libras have a love of balance and harmony. You’re also a great team player, and quite fair and sincere (which makes you the perfect person to settle disputes). You can be little bit of a hopeless romantic sometimes, and you have a soft spot in your heart for all things beautiful, be it Impressionistic art or designer shoes.

Your Nail Art Horoscope: You tend to love expensive jewelry as much as you love designer shoes — so why not make your nails your best accessory?


Nail Jewelry
Gold glitter, foil and bric-a-brac combine to create quite the on-point manicure.

Gold Embellishments
Simple, sophisticated and glamorous.


Characteristics: Known as the sexiest of the signs, Scorpios just have that special something. You’re intense, mysterious and determined — all of which adds fuel to your sexy, sexy fires. The flip side of all that, though, is the fact that the darkness in your personality means you can sometimes be obsessive, possessive and jealous. But don’t worry — you’re also a natural leader, and you can be quite resourceful.

Your Nail Art Horoscope: It doesn’t get much sexier than red nails — so why not try the look with a fun twist?


Black with Red Outline
This subtly two-toned look really takes things to the next level.

Red Ombre
This ombre look is a great way to bring out your dangerous side.



Characteristics: Sagittariuses are honest… sometimes brutally so (let’s be real, you can be blunt at times). Still, your extroverted enthusiasm and eternal optimism easily erase any ill will your honesty might or might not incur — and your great sense of humor doesn’t hurt either. You’re always on the move, and as a result, can sometimes be impatient — but only because of your zest for life.

Your Nail Art Horoscope: Let your natural enthusiasm translate into colorfully goofy nail art.


Pink Flamingos
So adorable it’s almost unfair.

Sushi Rolls
Here’s another fun (and delicious) one for the books.


Characteristics: Generally agreed upon as the most serious sign in the zodiac, Capricorns tend to be single-minded, ambitious, and professional — all strong traits that will help you reach all your goals. Sometimes you can be a little too serious, even cold — but your practicality will take you far, and you have the potential to be a great leader.

Your Nail Art Horoscope: With your serious and professional vibe, you’ll likely want to keep your nail art on the no-nonsense side.


Red and Gold French Tips
This look is eye-catching, yet still very workplace-appropriate.

Green and Gray Color Blocks
Serious, maybe even a little dangerous.


Characteristics: Aquarius is quite the interesting sign, full of contradicting traits — you’re shy yet energetic, with an inquisitive intellectual curiosity. Sometimes your head is in the clouds, but that’s because you have a mind that’s constantly at work. Aquarius is often thought of as a futuristic sign — both because you have a strong view of your own future, and because you have something of a visionary quality.

Your Nail Art Horoscope: What with your affinity for all things futuristic, go for an ultra-modern mani, with a touch of the avant-garde.


Metallic Outlines
The metallic outlines give this nail art a great futuristic vibe, and the stars make it even cooler.

Deep Purple With Iridescent Triangles
Mysterious, gorgeous and a little bit space-age.


Characteristics: If you’re a Pisces, you’re a people person. Lovable and easy-going, you make friends easily — which is great, because you love being helpful. Be wary of being too gullible, or even clingy at times, though — sometimes your love of people can lead you astray. Luckily, you’re deep and wise (thanks to being in touch with your emotions), and you’ve also got a nice an artistic streak.

Your Nail Art Horoscope: Play up your imaginative and dreamy side, while also paying homage to the fact that you’re a water sign.


Under the Sea
These gorgeous gradient nails are just as lovable as you are.

One of the coolest looks in this article.



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