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15 Brides Who Are Heading Straight For Dress Regret


15 Brides Who Are Heading Straight For Dress Regret

When it comes to marriage, everything should be set up perfectly. Sometimes, people forget about how important the dress is…

1. Sometimes, You Just Want To Look As Trashy As Physically Possible. Is There Anything Wrong With That?

2. I’ve Said It Before And I Will Say It Again: Wearing Something You Can Eat Is The Greatest Invention In The History Of Man

3. Is The Point Of A Wedding Dress To Reveal As Much Skin As Physically Possible? I Suppose This Woman Thinks So

4. I Think This Woman Will Be Having Hair Regret Long Before She Has Dress Regret

5. Can You Imagine The Sound That This Dress Makes When The Bride Moves Around? Must Be Like Nails On A Chalkboard!

6. To Be Fair, It Looks Like She’s Making Her Groom Happy? Is That The Point Of A Wedding Dress?

7. That Is Quite A Wrap She’s Got Around Her Shoulders Isn’t It?

8. Seriously Though, What Is The Point Of Even Wearing Something This Scant On Your Top Half? Just Go Full On! Get Them Out!

9. Yeah… Do I Really Have To Say Anything Here? If Anything, This Is Just Uncomfortable To Look At!

10. Yet Another Massive Hair Regret Here. Sure, The Dress Isn’t Great, But The Hair Is A Nightmare

11. This Looks More Like An Art Piece Than It Does An Actual Wedding Dress

12. Is This Like, The Wedding Dress For Someone Who Prefers Sports To Their Husband?

13. I Think This One Looks Really Creepy… Is There Anyone Else Who Would Be Scared To See Someone Walking Down The Aisle Like This?

14. I Refuse To Believe That Anybody Actually Walked Down The Aisle Like This! Surely This Is For A Fashion Week Or Something Like That?

15. Yeah… No Words… Almost Certainly A Trump Supporter?

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