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15 Inspirational Pride Tattoos That You Will Love


15 Inspirational Pride Tattoos That You Will Love

The whole of the world recognizes the month of June as Pride Month. Every community comes together to celebrate in so many ways, parades are thrown and even social media sites like Facebook had a special ‘reaction’ symbol to reply to posts with the famous flag symbol.

Some people decided to celebrate their pride and part of the LGBT community by getting something that will last a lifetime… a beautiful tattoo. Not only is a tattoo a huge commitment, but it is now a constant reminder for those people about who they really are and how proud they are about it.

A lot of these images incorporate the rainbow which has been a symbol of this movement since 1978 when the first flag flew in the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Pride. Since then, it has been recognised across the globe!

We have come a long way since the days where people of the LGBT community weren’t accepted. It almost seems barbaric that people were once condemned for how they were born.

So, to show the strength and pride that this community stand for here are 15 tattoos that are guaranteed to inspire you.

1. A very true statement
I think we can all agree with this… love always wins. This delicate tattoo stands out with the rainbow love heart in the centre.

2. This is a beautiful, bold symbol
You can probably agree that this tattoo has a lot of meaning to it. The rainbow is the most significant symbol in the LGBT movement.

3. Flower power
This person has been bold and had a colorful flower on their leg. This shows the symbol that this is something completely natural and beautiful at the same time! What a lovely tattoo!

4. These tattoos look like the stroke of a paintbrush
This again represents something natural and beautiful. These paintbrush strokes alongside the beautiful colors show a flare of the creative. An amazing tattoo!

5. Small, discreet but sweet!
This is a tiny little tattoo, but this person clearly wanted what they stand for to be on their body for life! I bet that this was painful though!

6. Such a simple saying, yet so powerful
There is nothing more to explain about this tattoo apart from the pure, simple fact that love is just love. No matter who you love, there is nothing more powerful than this!

7. This is incredible!
So subtle, but it says so much. It has the six colors from the flag, in the correct order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple!

8. Great song
This is taken from the classic hit song by the Beatles. They have put their own twist on the lyrics by adding a heart instead of the ‘o’ in love. A great tattoo with a LOT of meaning behind it.

9. A combination of two great things!
Hello Kitty and the LGBT flag combined into one great tattoo! I absolutely love this one… what a great idea. We all remember Hello Kitty from our childhood!

There is nothing more to this apart from this person is clearly so proud of who they are. There is nothing the speaks more volume than a powerful tattoo. This is something they are clearly passionate about and the sense of pride for who this person is deep down is amazing.

11. This makes me think of freedom
Perhaps this person now feels free because it is only in recent years that the LGBT community has been widely accepted. It must be powerful coming out and feeling so loved, accepted and appreciated by all walks of life after feeling you couldn’t beforehand. Obviously, this tattoo is in the six main colors we see on the flag!

12. The crystal heart
This is a cute crystal heart that incorporates all the main colors of the LGBT flag. Amazing!

13. This is one funky tattoo!
I think we can all agree that this is one of the coolest tattoos we’ve ever seen. There is a worldwide craze with unicorns at the minute, so this person has made a great decision by getting a unicorn in the colors of the flag!

14. The ying to your yang
This is ADORABLE. You can just feel the love through this photograph… amazing. We love this tattoo idea that these two beautiful people have decided on.

15. Subtle but amazing
I bet that getting a tattoo here would be ridiculously painful! But, when something is that important to you and you want a tattoo to represent it, then I guess the few minutes of pain don’t matter!

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