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20 Things You Should Be Doing For Your Wife On a Regular Basis


20 Things You Should Be Doing For Your Wife On a Regular Basis

Being a good husband means always having your wife as a priority.

Here are a few things you can do on regular basis in order to show her your love and devotion:

1. Cuddle with her

Women are naturally the more loving and emotional ones, so you ought to show them your affection in order to keep up the intimacy. One example, of course, is cuddling.

2. Don’t expect your wife to “owe you”

Never, and yes, never expect a return of the favor after cuddling by asking for s*x. Your wife doesn’t owe you anything and it would be very selfish of you to have those demands.

3. Bring home dinner

She has had a really long and exhausting day and she is not really capable of making dinner right now. It can happen. You can help her from time to time by bringing home her favorite food or even by cooking yourself.

4. Take the kids out

Whenever you see that she is overwhelmed just get the kids ready and you guys go get some ice cream, walk in the park or even go to a carnival. She will surely appreciate the couple of hours she has to rest a bit.

5. Be a gentleman

When you were dating, you did everything you could to amaze your loved one. Then life happened and you can’t recognize yourself anymore. Open her door, and not just when you’re on a date. Flirt with her. Talk to her in a nice way, ask her about her day. She will love that.

6. Listen without fixing

If you haven’t seen the video about the nail in the forehead, you must! It is ridiculous and odd but so true. This is how women work. Go against your every instinct, and just be there and listen.

7. Compliment her

You are amazed by how beautiful, smart and funny your wife is every day.Have you told her that? Go ahead.

8. Pray with her

A good husband prays for his wife daily. A great husband prays with her.

9. Ask her out

She can get pretty excited and even feel the butterflies when you ask her out or simply suggest that you should do something tonight.Do that for her.

10. Date her

Now that you lovebirds have finally gotten out, make sure you make it a good one. Even simple things like a date in your favorite pizza place, a movie after the kids are asleep can keep your relationship up and move.

11. “Throw chocolate and run”

It’s no joke. This quote is funny because it is so true. Maybe this has never literally happened to you. I mean, it does make women sound like a wild zoo animal. But honestly, if you do this to your wife, she won’t be angry.

12. Let her sleep

Mothers which have been raising a small child are constantly tired. You can let her take a little nap while you take care of the baby for a while. She will love you for it.

13. Appreciate her

As we all know a wife and mother’s work often goes uncherished. Maybe you come home to a messy house. She maybe cleaned it many times already but you can’t tell. Your dirty clothes magically appear in your closet all clean and folded nicely. Perhaps she’s gone eight hours a day and somehow the bank account has some extra money in it. Just tell her how much she means to you and your family and show her your appreciation.

14. Work hard

She works hard to maintain and raise a good family, as well as you. Give everything you can to your career, your kids, and especially to her.

15. Encourage her hobbies

As it happens women give up their favorite activities in order to dedicate themselves to the family. You should encourage her to keep up the passion and do what she loves.

16. Ask about her day

Each day when you finally get to connect, really ask how her day was and see if she needs anything.

17. Open up

Men are the stronger s*x. They don’t prefer to talk about their emotions and feelings and stuff. But if you want a true connection with your wife, you should endure in a real communication and let her know how you feel about things.

18. Apologize

When couples fight, women tend to go crazy on the inside until the issue is talked through or resolved. If it’s a big one, it might take some time. Generally, men happen to forget about the issue or just sleep on it. They forget about it, and it’s over! On the other hand little, a wife is still angry and you ought to apologize. Just do it!

19. Hold her hand

Maybe holding hands isn’t your thing and that’s fine. Holding each other’s hands is just a small gesture that shows her how important she is to you.

20. Respect her

Your wonderful wife is also a wonderful mother. She knows stuff. Even if she sounds odd you should respect the things she has to say. You should discuss everything and try to solve the situation.

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