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“My Lover’s Wife” Read This! It Can Happen To You As Well


“My Lover’s Wife” Read This! It Can Happen To You As Well

“For many years, I was the lover of one man. His name was Jose his wife’s name was Carla and I am Anna. Every time we met I begged Jose to finally leave his wife, it was time for me to become a Mrs. too…

Jose was always telling me that he couldn’t leave her because with the kids (he had two, a 7-year old daughter and a 2 –year old boy) it was impossible to leave her.

I always asked Jose whether he is still in love with his wife, he would always respond that since the children arrived, nothing was the same, she gained weight, she wasn’t taking care of herself, there wasn’t love between them anymore, they were almost never intimate ,It was quite tiring to live in that environment.

Tired of his excuses, I decided to do something, so I became friends with my lover’s wife, I met her at a Mall, I admired her children, I invited her to have ice-cream and we developed a friendship… Jose didn’t like it, but he couldn’t really say anything, I was his lover… It was going to be awful if I told everything instead of him, but leaving me alone with this, was convenient for him…

One evening, Carla invited me for was their son’s birthday and it was the first time that I was going to step in my lover’s place. Nervous but curious, I accepted…

I went to their house a bit earlier in order to help with preparations “WOW SURPRISE”. It was the most difficult situation I have encountered in my life, I realized that my lover was a liar. Carla was fat, but I understood why.

She was nervous and I understood why, she was not taking care of herself (her way of dressing) but I understood why, and I probably understood why she doesn’t go under the sheets with Jose as well…

Carla works in an office as a secretary, and she gets up at 5 every morning (I get up at 9) to prepare the kids that go to school, she makes them breakfast, their snacks and prepares lunch for Jose and the kids. She is done with work at 7 p.m. (at that time I am at the spa or the gym) she gets home, she gives them a bath, she makes dinner and the house is completely in order!!!

If she brings some work home, she cleans the house perfectly, and then goes on with finishing her work from the office, she dresses her children and puts them in bed, she has Jose’s pajamas already in bed and the clothes for the next day perfectly ironed.

The poor woman does not eat right: she works, she is a wife, she is a mother, she doesn’t have fashionable clothes; her husband and her children are the ones dressed in style and she said to me “ I present you my home, this happy home I have been building…” She is happy, the miserable one is Jose who is not helping her.

I realized that I wouldn’t leave the life that I had just yet, I was capable of being a Mrs. that word is too big for me, I wasn’t ready and all of the love I had for Jose died that night… The love died because I saw that he had a complete wife, but his wife didn’t have a complete husband, one who respected her, one who values her and one who loves her… Carla didn’t have that man and for that reason, I wasn’t going to have him either.

I decided to leave him and I decided to change my life. I looked for a single man, I became a girlfriend and 2 years later I became a wife. Today I am something like Carla… and I pray to God that my husband is not like Jose…

I have learned that everything in life comes with a price and is noticed by our Creator, who says “Sometimes, we have to react and get out of the sin, repent, ask for forgiveness and find our way.”

Not every woman is worth the title of MRS.”

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