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19 Hollywood Movie Mistakes That We All Missed To Notice


19 Hollywood Movie Mistakes That We All Missed To Notice

Filmmaking process is not easy, and there is a lot of hard work, scene settlement, continuity must be taken care of. And the most important thing is that you need to take care of the background and things in it if the film is set in old times. But, sometimes these type of things are skipped while editing and then they are called mistakes in the movies.

Movies are vulnerable to mistakes because there are so many things to focus on and it happens that sometimes things are missed. But the mistakes gives a chance to the audience to be a critic and give their review. The biggest problem a movie face is the continuity, and it can be noticed easily. There are some mistakes in the movie which are not easily seen, but some of them are obvious while others are ridiculous.

Finding blunders in a film is not easy, but still, if they are observed carefully then they can be found. So here we have gathered a list of mistakes in famous movies.

I think he knew it’s the end of the movie.

At the end of the first part of Pirates of the Caribbean, The Curse of Black Pearl, a crew member was visible. The member was wearing a cowboy hat and white T-shirt and staring at the ocean. Well, it is hard to notice, but if you watch the movie again, then I am sure you will notice it.

Another one from POTC.

In this blunder, Johnny Depp was seen wearing an Adidas cap inside his red pirate headband. So a free promotion for Adidas.

Gas tank, well that’s just for the safety.

In the movie Gladiator, a gas tank was seen when the chariot fell. I think it was one of the easily noticeable things.

Airplane in 3000 BC, I guess I have to re-read the discovery date of planes.

In the movie, Troy, an airplane was seen when Achilles was going to challenge Hector to a fight. One of the biggest fails in this list.

The problem of continuity.

In the movie, Star Trek, Captain Robau is seen wearing a badge, and as soon as he sits on the chair, the badge disappears.

I think Gandalf has an appointment.

Gandalf was wearing a watch during a war sequence in the movie, The Lord of the Rings.

Reflections can be bad for a movie.

During the action sequence in the movie, Transformers, the camera persons can be seen on another vehicle due to reflection from the truck.

I think this cameraman forgot that the shooting is going on from a different angle.

Another huge blunder in a famous movie, Harry Potter.

The reflection says it all.

The cameras can be seen in the mirror of Bella’s car.

The problem of changing clothes at night?

Another terrible mistake, the scene where Daniel Radcliffe’s (Harry Potter) T-shirt is changed when he wakes up from the dream.

No, you are not alone.

During the scene where ship starts to sink in the movie, Titanic, a crew member can be seen.

Now, that is too much.

In the movie, Jaw, the camera man can be seen during the scene where locals go for hunting the shark.

Anything can happen because it is a superhero movie.

The problem of continuity is again seen in the movie Spider-Man when Peter plays with the web in his bedroom.

Did you notice the color difference?

In the movie X-Men (2002), the scene where X-Men visit President the pages on the table were scattered in the first scene, and in another shot, the pages were assembled into a file.

Stunt with cables.

In Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the mountain climbing scene where Dr Spalko is going at the top of the mountain with the help of ropes, the supporting cables can be easily seen.

Zero gravity, still, no problems with her hair.

In the movie Gravity, during a scene, the hair of Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) are steady in a zero gravity scene.

Is that a mic wire?

During a scene, where Bella approached towards strangers, a wire passing through her jeans can be seen clearly.

Real teeth visibility = Infinity

Christopher Walken’s real teeth can be easily seen during a scene in the movie, Sleepy Hollow.

Safety comes first!

A safety harness can be seen near the legs of Agent K in the movie, Men in Black.

That’s all, folks!

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