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These 16 Manicures Sure Failed To Nail It


These 16 Manicures Sure Failed To Nail It

According to Crayola Crayons, there are only 120 shades of color worth noting. This includes 23 variations of red, 20 of green and 19 of blue. Lots to choose from. If you’re headed off to the nail salon for a mani, then you’ll probably get even more colors to pick from. Why stop at colors when you can add bling? Why stop at bling when you can add action figures? Yes, it’s time for “epic fails.” Today’s installment: nails. Guys, if you see some of these nails coming your way, run in the opposite direction.

1. The ‘Sparkly Twister’

2. The ‘Warenails’


3. The ’50 Layers of Purple’

4. The ‘Swiss Army Knife’


5. The ‘eye opener’

6. The ‘Martha Stewart’

7. The ‘Velour Tracksuit’

8. The ‘Toucan Talons’


9. The ‘Coral Claws’


10. The ‘Bedazzled Paddles’


11. The ‘Ursula‘


12. The ‘Stuart Little’


13. The ‘Tetris’

14. The ‘Dolly Partons’


15. The ‘Nature Lovers’

16. The ‘Just don’t. Ever.’

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