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8 Popular Dog Breeds Before And After 100 Years Of Breeding


8 Popular Dog Breeds Before And After 100 Years Of Breeding

When it comes to evolution, no one thinks of dogs. And when we think of dogs, evolution is a word that doesn’t ring a single bell. We are way too busy petting and loving them. Have you ever wondered, these dogs that we so dearly love used to look different 100 years from today? We are aware of the changes humans underwent during evolution. But dogs? When and how dogs evolved?

We have evolved into a better human being, and so has man’s best friend. After years of breeding and crossbreeding, dogs have undergone changes in their looks, behaviour, characteristics and to some extent, even their health.

The following list of eight dogs will tell you how they were 100 years back and about their present. Let’s check them out then!

Bulldog 100 years back

Intensive breeding was done of the English Bulldog, and so multiple ailments have been observed in a Bulldog’s life. Although, until 1835, they were used for bull baiting.

Today’s Bulldog

Now, times have changed and has become one of our favourite dog breeds of all time. The MIB dog.

Bull Terrier 100 years back

Popular as stocky fighter breed, Bull Terrier was bred between the English Terrier and the Bulldog. The result was a dog with thin loop body and a curved nose.

Today’s Bull Terrier

The breeding didn’t stop, and now the dog has evolved with a warped skull and thicker abdomen. Its skull shape has changed, with shorter face and larger jaw size its body is now lower and stockier.

Dachshund 100 years back

The Dachshund was first seen in Germany around 400 years back. This dog once had a functioning leg with proper neck according to its size.

Today’s Dachshund

But humans love to experiment! Right? And today as a result of that, Dachshund bears a high risk of intervertebral disc disease which can further result in paralysis.

German Shepherd Dog (GSD) 100 years back

The past century didn’t treat this one any better; it was a highly active and athletic dog then. It had a thinner abdomen and a sharper stance back in 1850.

Today’s German Shepherd Dog (GSD)

The canine dog has grown in size, and its fur is longer and thicker. It has a wider chest now but is prone to hip dysplasia (abnormal growth or development of a tissue or organ).

Deutscher Boxer 100 years back

In the next image, you’ll see that Boxer had a different body proportion 100 years ago and apart from that it still faces the same problems adapting to the external environment.

Today’s Deutscher Boxer

With a much more leaner body frame, its face has also become shorter, and the muzzle is slightly upturned. Yes, it still faces problems in managing body temperature in hot weather.

Doberman Pinscher 100 years back

100 years back, Doberman Pinscher was one of the massive dogs, and its forelegs were slightly bigger in size. It was also more aggressive than it is now.

Today’s Doberman Pinscher

Their size has shrunk a little and area of the head has become more smooth. Today, they are somewhat peaceful than before.

Irish Setters 100 years back

Irish Setters did not change a lot in appearance from the last 150 years.

Today’s Irish Setters

Today, they’ve become physically thinner, but their fur is longer and thicker. Plus, today they have increased physique related and mental problems.

Rottweiler 100 years back

Rottweiler had a docked tail then. They were plain black in color.

Today’s Rottweiler

Rottweilers now have a longer tail and some reddish-brown spots on their face, cheeks, under the eyes and on legs.


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