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What It Means If You See Men With One Painted Nail


What It Means If You See Men With One Painted Nail

Have you ever seen a man walking around and he has one painted nail? Strange, huh? He is not exactly following any fashion trend. He is probably taking part in the Polished Man campaign.

This organization urges to raise awareness about children who are (or have been) under sexual abuse. The movement founder Elliot Costello started it soon after meeting a lovely, young girl in Cambodia, Thea, who bore a terribly sad story.

She lived in an underprivileged part of Cambodia and her family was really poor too. After Elliot came to visit he spent a lot of time with her, playing games and even painting each other’s nails Eventually Thea trusted Elliot enough to discover that she had been sexually abused since she was eight years old. At the time she was only ten!

Shocked and disgusted by what he had heard, he promised to keep one of his nails painted at all times, as a sign of respect for her and her fight. He also vowed to raise awareness of this issue everywhere he could.

After a bit of researching, Elliot found out that Thea was far from the only child being sexually abused. One in five children around the world have experienced (or are experiencing) this problem. Mostly, the abuse is done by an older man, relative or even a close family member.

Being inspired by Thea’s story and many other that he had heard, Elliot founded the Polished Man Project. The organization’s goal is to raise awareness about sexual abuse on children worldwide.

Moreover, you can find notifications on their website, letting men know when the nail polishing will take place all over the world and also offers the possibility to donate to sexual abuse trauma as well as recovery prevention. The project is becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

Australia, some parts of Europe, the US… Efforts for raising awareness were successful all around and people are inspired to “be the change” with their noble donations.

Even though there are these notifications on the website that tell you where the next nail painting will take place, the organization encourages men to paint one single nail at any time of the year. Men shouldn’t feel ashamed of this nail (It is understandable that it can get a bit weird), but the message behind it is so powerful that goes beyond any judgment.

So far, $67,167 were raised in order to help children be free from their situation or counseling as well as other actions in order to help them cope with the pain of their abuse. The organization is making a huge impact on abused children’s lives every day and they are encouraging people to donate and help this noble cause.

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