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During Flight Man Spots Strange Object Sticking Through Clouds, Takes Photo And Is Amazed At What It Was


During Flight Man Spots Strange Object Sticking Through Clouds, Takes Photo And Is Amazed At What It Was

One passenger was on a flight from Malaga, Spain to Bristol, England when he noticed something suspicious outside his plane window. He quickly snapped a picture out of whatever was outside the Boeing 737 and posted the picture to social media once he landed. He thought this strange line might have been a UFO so he posted it and asked if anyone knew what it was. There was a lot of speculation but the true answer was surprising!

The man posted this caption with his picture:

“I genuinely am a normal person who just saw something odd! How perfect of a level were the clouds to have just a smidgen of a tower sticking out the top? Please share this image with anyone you think may be able to answer this question. If it’s not something on the ground, which I find inconceivable as I was over the sea, then (what) is it? Is it ours? Also is anybody good at judging sizes, it’s massive! I saw it with my eyes first, it was 100 per cent outside of the aircraft. I think seeing it from different angles, one reflective and the other literally just sticking straight up.”

Some commented and said that they had seen the same thing when they had been in a plane around Bristol! One man saw this picture and had the solution for him!

The man explained that this “line” was actually part of a 961 foot tall mast from the nearby Mendip Transmitting Station on the summit of Pen Hill in Somerset. The post quickly calmed down but some others made jokes about what the object could have been if it wasn’t actually that tower.

Have you seen something strange like this recently? Comment and tell us what it was!

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Mysterious shadow figure walking on clouds captured by plane passenger

Passenger Nick O’Donoghue was on board an EasyJet flight flying back from Austria to Cork when his fellow passengers began to point to a strange phenomenon outside the aircraft.

Mr. O’Donoghue told to the Dailymail: I was gazing out the window and was amazed to see a figure in the distance in front of us and then as we flew closer the bizarre shape of a human-like figure walking along the clouds appeared.

Credit images: Nick O’Donoghue

Despite the figure was a bit away in the distance, I was able to watch the shadow figure for about two minutes and took some images of the strange phenomenon before then the aircraft slowly passed it.

To me, the shadow figure looks like a robot-like man or Michelin man but honestly I have no idea what it was, maybe it was just a rare cloud formation, said Nick.

Did Nick captured a rare natural sky phenomenon at 30,000ft or he witnessed something extraordinary, something from another world, that goes beyond the human capacity to understand what it could be?

Note: In this last enlarged and enhanced image of the shadow man, a human face is clearly visible.

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