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17 Glitter Nail Art Ideas to Make Your Manicure Sparkle


17 Glitter Nail Art Ideas to Make Your Manicure Sparkle

1. Brilliant Buff

Just because you’re keeping your manicure neutral doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. Sparkly shades in taupes and nudes look elegant and glamorous at the same time.

2. Metallic Reverse French

A modern twist on the traditional French mani, this metallic design puts the contrasting secondary color at the moon of your nail instead of the tip. The best part: It only takes three steps to accomplish.

3. Perfect Placement

This requires a diligent hand and plenty of patience, but the payoff is a delicate, glittering pyramid.

4. Blue Moons

Bright, glossy polish layered with a shimmery green is a match made in heaven.

5. Glitter Galaxy

This may look like it would take hours to replicate, but it’s actually just a 30 minute process that involves using several different shades.

6. Puttin’ on the Glitz

Double the glitter, double the fun. Pick contrasting colors for a dramatic effect or similar shades for a subtler look.

7. Glitter Gradient

If you have a hard time making each nail look the same, this ombre design is perfect for you. Since it’s not supposed to be totally precise, your nails can vary without it looking unintentional.

8. Here Comes the Bride

Got a bridal shower to go? Try bride-and-groom nail art that is as sparkly as it is impressive.

9. Under the Sea

Bring out your inner Ariel with a shimmering turquoise and rope design that’s oh-so-perfect for nautical imagery lovers.

10. Pass the Popcorn

We think this movie theater-inspired mani is an Oscar-worthy work of art.

11. Beam Me Up

These may look like nail decals, but Maria from So Nailicious is actually wearing two coats of silver holographic polish for a funky, multi-dimensional look.

12. Glimmering Geometry

With a little patience, you too can achieve this mermaid-inspired look.

13. Sparkly Chevron

A simple chevron pattern is kicked up a notch with gold glitter stripes.

 14. Gilded Moons

Add a glossy teal to a bright gold polish to create this always-popular mani style that flips your typical French upside down.

15. Dual Accents

Why pick just one accent nail when you can do two? Use striping tape or a steady hand for this delicate white and gold arrangement.

16. Triangular Talons

Like a half moon or reverse french, use tape to mark off where you’ll paint your glitter polish. Go for unconventional color combos – this uses a warm pink and muted green – so it really stands out.

17. Sweet Sunset

Pay tribute to the prettiest part of the day with this gorgeous gradient mani. After the ombre mani, add a layer of delicate gold glitter to emulate a beachy sunset.

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