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22 Wedding Cake Fails That Would Make Anyone Wish That ‘Death Will Do Them Part’


22 Wedding Cake Fails That Would Make Anyone Wish That ‘Death Will Do Them Part’

It’s your wedding day, the day that each and every single bride dreams of from when she is just a little girl playing house and dress up, to the day she finally says her vows.

However, there are many things that can ruin your blessed event, such as a drunk bridesmaid for instance, or a torn dress, or even (heaven forbid) a totally botched wedding cake! As strange as it sounds, some people who are entrusted to bake and deliver the most sacred of cakes do in fact manage to cock-up in the most unbelievable ways. What’s even worse, they still have the guts to actually deliver those blunders to the unsuspecting bridal pair!

See below for 22 epic wedding cake failures, found at various sources all over the internet, that would make any bride cry (and I am not talking tears of joy here).

  1. Roses are red

    On the left hand side of the picture above we can see a beautiful white fondant, three tiered cake carefully draped with fresh red rose petals. To the right of the image, we can see the flopped attempt at creating the elegant cake on the left. If you look even more closely at the botched attempt, you will notice what looks to be maidenhair fern leaves, randomly placed all over the cake as well; why anyone would do something like this is beyond me however.
  2. Flowers, flowers, everywhere!

    I cannot say that I am a fan of the original cake design on the left, however, the totally epic botch to the right is even uglier (something I did not think possible).
  3. Green cake fit for a queen

    On the left we have a pretty ribbon effect cake. To the right we have green puke on a plate.
  4. A pretty lace effect cake

    As you can see above, the original cake design featured a very elegant, four tiered light green fondant cake with lace effect edging. What the bridal party received however, was the blue and green mess to the right.
  5. My heart belongs to you

    Again, the ‘Special Occasion Cake’ featured to the left of the image above is a far cry from the abomination to the right of it.
  6. Leaning tower cake

    I somehow don’t think the ‘leaning effect’ this cake displays was a planned feature.
  7. Yellow, yellow you lucky fellow

    I somehow cannot see how any bride would wake up saying; “hmm I think I’ll have my wedding cake made yellow (and lopsided)”. Therefore I think we can safely assume the cake pictured above was a royal flop.

  8. Lopsided in black and purple

    I cannot make my mind up on whether the cake above is intentionally lopsided or if this is yet another ‘oops’ of a cake.
  9. Congrat……

    How a cake store can include the instructions given with the cake wording is totally beyond my level of understanding.
  10. Ribbon cake VS play dough

    The cake on the right is a very elegant ribbon featured design whilst the mess on the left just looks like badly molded play dough.
  11. Pretty floral cake (NOT)

    This cake (above) could’ve actually worked, if only it was just put together and rounded off a little better.
  12. Another ribbon effect gone wrong

    I really don’t think the images above need any description…
  13. Gardening or wedding?

    Look, a cake congratulating someone for weeding their garden.
  14. The sushi and birdie cake

    You could always go the ultra weird route and have a sushi wedding cake (complete with beans and birds)!
  15. The WTF cake

    All I can say is ???????
  16. Lopsided word explosion

    Just what every girl wants and dreams of; a lopsided blue cake full of random words.
  17. Seashells and sand

    I have no idea what is going on in the image above. All I know for sure is that the so called ‘cake’ has seashells on it.
  18. Purple and green canary cake

    Yet another cake that has me dumbfounded. I am just assuming that the purple and green objects on it are meant to be canaries, then again who knows.
  19. Beehive cake

    All that comes to mind when I look at the above cake are two things; beehives and my mom making me eat all my vegetables.
  20. Shiny brown cake

    Although the top attempt comes close to its predecessor, it sure as hell ain’t no doppelganger!
  21. Close but no cigar

    Although the second image is not a total trainwreck, it most definitely is no prize winning attempt either.
  22. The best for last

    Lastly we have the three tiered wonder above that was ‘duplicated’ into something that looks absolutely nothing like the original. In fact, there is no similarity between the cakes whatsoever. I am sure the bride at this wedding was more than surprised to say the least.
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