7 Signs He Loves You

Every woman wants to know if the man she is with is in love with her. This question is, in some cases, haunting, especially when the girl is already in love with the guy. So, how can we find out? The answer is simple, all we have to do is follow the signs that can prove the if he has love feelings for you or nor.

Love is a tricky thing, so we must not despair if we have mixed feelings about the person we are with. Even as a guy, sometimes it is hard realizing if you are in love, because we know that men are afraid of commitment. These are the signs that not only will help the girl, but will help the guy as well, especially if he is really confused about what the heart says.

1. He is very responsive to your messages – we live in a digital world, so everything that has to do with social media is important. If he responds quickly to your messages, if he sends you an unexpected hello, or an emoji, than he is interested. He thinks about you and he wants you to know, and, more so, he appreciates when you are writing to him.

He is not bothered by your interest, and he responds immediately. Pay attention to this little details next time you text.

2. He loves to touch you – this may be a form of attraction, but if he touches you more than before and in a romantic way, then he is definitely in love with you. If he is stroking your hair and your face, is he looks in your eyes and wants to always hold your hand, that means that he wants to take this relationship to the next level.

Also, pay attention to the way he looks at you. If he does it with a worm smile, you hit the jackpot!

3. He always wants to see you happy! – no one must sacrifice something for the person next to him, but when it comes to compromises, then it’s a different kind of story. So, if he does everything in his power to see you happy and to satisfy your needs, without asking for anything in return, then is really loves you.

This is one of the most important signs, because we all know that the minute you love someone, you only want what is best for him.

4. He wants to meet your friends and for you to meet his – maybe is not that big of a deal if you haven’t met his family yet, that is a big deal and does not involve the subject of love. But when it comes to friends – it is very important to see if he wants to hide you away from them, or if he does not want to invest time in meeting yours.

More so, if he wants to meet your friends, and he is sociable and funny, trying to get to know them and make himself likable, then you know that he is struggling to make your best friends like him.

5. He is not trying to control you – this is a very sensitive subject. A man can be very controlling, manipulative and imperative, but it is your job to find the one that has enough confidence in himself that he lets you be you! A couple must be an equal, so if he respects your opinions and beliefs and doesn’t try to change everything, then he loves you.

6. He misses you when you are gone, and he tells you so – men don’t communicate as well as woman does, but if he tells you, or shows you when he is missing you, then, for sure, he is in love with you. We all know how it is to miss someone until it hurts.

7. He makes plans for the future involving you – maybe he asks for a vacation, or maybe you are going to his parents house. Maybe he sees you living with him, or he sees himself living with you. If he wants you to know that you are o priority for him and you will be a big part of his future, then you know that he loves you.

Are any of this signs known to your situation? We, for sure, do hope so!